Resilience Recharge

A highly experiential course blending neuroscience, mindful awareness and emotional intelligence to awaken the best in people (and organizations.)

  • Designed to cultivate the skills for resilience, positive mindset and engagement.
  • Provides practical strategies to skillfully respond to difficult moments; increase productivity and performance

We live in a complex, inter-connected, rapidly changing, fast-paced world.

Organizations share these characteristics and pursue their directives to achieve a mission, goals, a bottom-line.  There is pressure for certainty, guarantees and quick wins.

The way we are working isn’t working.

We work faster, harder and more hours, yet produce less of our desired results.
Leaders report little time or energy for big-picture thinking, innovation, or building strong cultures. Unprecedented levels of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm. Work cultures where people are unfocused, running on “autopilot” and disengaged.

A new approach to create a workplace that is purposeful, creative and successful: Cultivating the new mind of leadership.

This approach cultivates our innate skills of awareness, presence and compassion. This is the source of our resilience, clarity, and focus. We are able to act with wisdom, engagement and resolve – to get the results we want in our careers, organizations, and lives.

It seems a provocative proposition – but the science is very clear.

The new mind of leadership cultivates what we need to create the workplace that we all want – a workplace that is purposeful, creative and successful.


  • DATES: May 5 – June 30, 2015
  • SCHEDULE: Weekly sessions, Tuesday afternoons. 1:00 – 5:00 pm.
    -Plan to attend all sessions.
  • LOCATION: in Salem, Oregon
  • COST: $525, early $450 includes, materials, snacks, coaching between sessions.


Kale Consulting Group, lead by Stephanie Holmes-Farmer, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate.  The team from Kale has over 20 years  experience in the public sector leading change and coaching leaders to be courageous authentic.