What is the connection?
Kale, human change and leadership?
Growing leadership, like growing kale, is a process of cultivation and adaptation.

What is Kale?

A SUPERFOOD in the brassica family

– filled with fiber and vitamins K, C, Iron and antioxidants. Kale aids digestion and boosts the immune system to enable it to effectively lower cholesterol and fight cancer, asthma, arthritis, Alzheimer’s. Grows in diverse environments ranging from tropical Africa, arid New Mexico to tundra of Alaska. Kale is loved by iguana and other health oriented creatures including humans.


A BOUTIQUE CONSULTING COMPANY that helps strengthen people, teams and organizations.

– We assist others to lead a courageous life of meaning, connection and contribution.

– We understand the importance of both outcomes and methods

– We strive to be what we ask others to become

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