Kale: We help co-create solutions for leading and living a life of meaning, connection and contribution.

We do this through cultivating courageous conversations that awaken insight, conscious choices and purposeful action.

What conversations need to shift?

New results are achieved through insight, connection and new action. The dynamic journey of individual and organizational change is enhanced by courageous conversations. Whether your need is to clarify the vision, develop new skills, engage others or shift a culture, Kale offers a blend of services, experience and expertise to support you and your organization in the journey.

Our Clients

Clients call us because they want to make a change. They want to create new results, have a bigger impact, move faster, get unstuck or discover a new approach.

Our clients are people and organizations with missions that matter. People willing to work through the inherent messiness of change in order to achieve the results they want.

We work with our clients one-to-one, in groups and with intact teams

You as leader - an important note

We see you as a leader. We lead our lives, teams, families, groups and organizations. Leaders cultivate the potential of people — themselves and others — and processes. As leaders grow and more skillful, they are better able to face the complex challenges of our times. As leaders contribute courageous, authentic leadership to their organizations and their world, they make changes for the better.

Our approach

Our approach is always customized, grounded in principles of 21st century practices for business and life.

In a courageous conversation, we purposefully advance the results you want in your life including your work. We define what you want to create with attention to your context and connections. We explore the roadblocks and barriers that arise along the way.

Our first step is always inquiry about your intentions.  We build upon your foundation — your skills, will and passion for new results.

Coaching includes executive, leadership, transition and performance coaching. Kale coaching has a rich and varied theoretical and practice foundation.

Our approach to each client is customized.

Coaching that is grounded and practical can support sustained meaningful change. Clients explore their context — the system of their life, team and organization. Clients gain clarity about complexities and hidden barriers. Exploration leads to new insights. Practical focus helps clients discern and tackle difficult leadership challenges with new perspectives and skills. Where they were once stuck, clients recognize solutions.

Focus areas

• Self-Mastery

• Interpersonal Mastery

• Organizational Mastery

• Change Methodologies

• Communication & Feedback

• Courage in action & conversations

• 21st century leadership & business practices

• Change and transformation

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